Parts fan for RigidBot

The days are getting shorter and rainier so time to dust of the 3D printer. (RigidBot)
Today I finally reinstalled the parts fan to improve the print quality.

A nice design by Walter

This design has been replaced by an original design by me

The first test run was a succes, still have to do some tests to see if enough air is passing trough the aquarium air tube. I have the older E3D mount by Walter so I had to do some hacking to make everything fit. Maybe I will reprint the whole thing in Nylon later, but it works for now.

I have got myself some specialty filament to play around with later on this week.

  • 1.75mm HDglass™ – See Through Black
  • 1.75mm EasyWood™ – Coconut
  • 1.75mm FlexiFil™ Red
  • 1.75mm Nylon Filament Taulman 645
  • 1.75mm Premium PLA Dutch Orange™

All from with 10% discount using discount code CULTSFUTURA

Cannot wait till Thursday!


update 2015.08.28: The parts fan seems to be adequate for the job.


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