Printing with HDglass™ (PETG)

Recently I bought some specialty filaments from FormFutura. The first one to test is the HDglass filament wich is a PETG compounded filament.

Spoiler alert….  this is now my absolute favorite!

Because the printing temperature of PETG is much higher than PLA a few changes have to be made. My settings are now:

Print speed: 60mm/s
Outer shell speed: 30mm/s
Bottom layer speed: 15mm/s
Printing temperature: 240°C
Bed temperature: 70°C

All other settings are equal to PLA. I am printing on glass with a few layers of UHU stic.

First results are awesome. I’ve had a little problem removing my first print, but after increasing the distance of the printhead to the bed just a bit it goes without any issues.

The finish is really luxurious and the vase is watertight.
(single layer wall in spiralize mode)

I reprinted the housing for my Graphics LCD as the original In PLA was warped during printing. (Draft)

Some benefits of HDglass:

  • The material is really tough and can be best compared to a coke bottle. (PET)
  • High strength.
  • Virtually NO warping.
  • Less brittle than PLA/ABS.
  • Very transparent. 90% and less then 1% haze.
  • Has a nice shine. The black translucent version I got is a little see trough wich make the prints look really interesting and polished.
  • Is food safe! (well, the material not the printer)

More testing will be done later on, but for know I am really pleased with the initial results.


2 thoughts on “Printing with HDglass™ (PETG)

Add yours

  1. Retraction distance: 6.5mm
    Retraction speed: 25mm/s
    Retraction minimum travel: 0.8mm
    Print speed: 80mm/s
    Infill: 100mm/s
    Outer wall: 40mm/s
    Inner wall: 80mm/s
    Top/Bottom: 30mm/s
    Initial layer speed: 40mm/s


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